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Community Well-being

We will strengthen communities in the Northern Gulf of California with the tools and practices that best enable them to identify problems and self-manage appropriate solutions for the common good.

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Citizen Action for Species & Ecosystems Conservation & Monitoring

We will consolidate voluntary citizen networks, trained and certified to monitor biodiversity, and to collaborate in restoring landscapes and protect priority species in the North and Upper Gulf of California.

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Sustainable Fisheries & Aquaculture

We will promote and advise the regional and national fisheries sector, so that a third of the annual regional productions of commercial fisheries are produced and marketed following the fisheries improvement project and social responsibility and fair-trade certification models.

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Education, Outreach & Communication

We will promote and implement updated environmental education and School of the Sea curricula, professional and specialized courses, and competency certifications with children, youth, producers, local professionals, and tourists, and share lessons learned to scale the impact.

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Academic Services & NaturArte

We will expand CEDO’s vision and mission through information and capacity building to disseminate regional biocultural knowledge, generate information through citizen science, and provide environmentally and culturally responsible hands-on experiences in nature..

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