CEDO Intercultural and Arizona Youth Climate Coalition announce their partnership on International Youth Day.

In 1999, the General Assembly of the United Nations declared August 12 to be International Youth Day. This year, the theme of International Youth Day, is “Youth Engagement for Global Action”, highlighting the engagement of young people enriching national and multilateral institutions and processes. international youth day 2020 logo

Now, under the crisis we are living due to Coronavirus, partnerships and alliances become fundamental, we are not working solely for the future generations but rather for the survival of our planet. We cannot talk about next steps towards sustainable development if all the stakeholders are not engaged. That is why CEDO Intercultural welcomes the enthusiasm of the Arizona Youth Climate Coalition to work together in our borderlands, where the Sonoran Desert Ecoregion joins the Sea of Cortez.

AZ Youth Climate Coalition logo

Arizona Youth Climate Coalition is a grassroots organization of youth across the state, from middle school to university. Through lobbying, education, and direct action the organization advocates not only for action on the climate crisis in the US – Mexico borderlands, but also for climate and environmental justice for all.

CEDO Intercultural is a unique collaboration between Mexican and U.S. not-for-profit organizations inspired by a shared vision, mission and program strategies. CEDO Intercultural   first opened its doors in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, with an office in Tucson, Arizona, in 1980. Since then CEDO Intercultural has fostered an environmental culture among residents and visitors, and impacted hundreds of thousands of lives throughout the southwestern U.S. and northwestern Mexico. CEDO Intercultural pools its resources and experiences to offer realistic environmental and community-based solutions that recognize, respect, and leverage the cultural, socio-economic and biological interconnections between the U.S. and Mexico.

With the partnership between Arizona Youth Climate Coalition and CEDO Intercultural we strengthen our commitment to facing global challenges, and to promote youth engagement through the following three interconnected methods:

  • Engagement at the local/community level;
  • Engagement at the national level (formulation of laws, policies, and their implementation); and,
  • Engagement at the global level.

Join us in celebrating this intergenerational dialogue and together help us build our borderlands and oceans. Let us work for the environment we need for the future we want.