Book: Humminggbirds Plants Of the Southwest

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Compendium of detailed information about native plants that are particularly important to southwestern hummingbirds – from southern California to west Texas and northern Mexico. Author: Marcy Scott

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Hummingbirds and plants have co-evolved. These little flying jewels need nectar and shelter, while many native plants need to be pollinated by the birds. Hummingbird fanciers along their migration routes can enjoy the flower/bird show and even help species threatened by loss of habitat with wise landscape choices.
It’s easy. Just add hummingbird-friendly native plants to your garden, and take some simple steps to enhance the habitat in your yard and beyond. Here, Marcy Scott provides a wealth of guidance.

  • 120 plant profiles, with detailed information on their significance to hummingbirds, distribution, known habitat, and appearance.
  • Plant-focused profiles of the 14 regularly occurring hummingbird species.
  • Hummingbird natural history, plant pollination, and how and why to create habitat.
  • Tips on landscaping, finding plants, and gardening in the Southwest.
  • 15 ways you can help hummingbirds and their flowers.


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