CEDO Tide Calendar 2020

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Tide Calendars are essential for any marine adventure in the Northern Gulf of California. END OF SEASON DISCOUNT!

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Product Description

The tides in the northern Gulf of California are among the greatest in the world with tide ranges exceeding 23ft (7m) at Puerto Peñasco. Maximum tides coincide with new and full moon phases (known as spring tides) and tidal amplitude decreases gradually from a maximum range of 33 ft (10m) at the Colorado River Delta to less than 7ft (2m) in the central Gulf. Tides in the northern Gulf of California are of the irregular semidiurnal type, meaning that there are usually two high tides and two low tides per day, each of a different height. The numbers on the left and right sides of the monthly pages represent the height of the tide in feet and meters. Under each day the figures give the time (MST). Tides below the midriff region of the Gulf cannot be estimated using this calendar. For use in Baja California it is necessary to adjust for the time zone.



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